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The Haim sisters show their appreciation in fairly different ways

Is being really hopeful about this contest going to bring me pain or increase my chances of winning because thinking about it “attracts” it?

asking the real questions

I registered both of my parents in this contest (the one to get the trip to RiR Lisboa) even though my mom totally isn’t a fan of festivals just so I have a greater chance of winning

seriously though

can you even imagine how amazing it’d be to win tickets to see Arcade Fire in a dIFFERENT COUNTRY


that’s like mixing everything I love: plane travel, winning things and Arcade Fire


people are completely misconstruing my gender abolitionist stance so i’m going to explain it very simply to try and clear a few things up.

what i don’t mean by “gender is socially constructed and should be abolished”:

  • gender isn’t real.
  • people cant see their gender as part of their identity.
  • everyone should be the same.
  • everyone should identify as agender or gender neutral.

what i do mean by “gender is socially constructed and should be abolished”:

  • gender is not innate and it is not biological.
  • sex and gender are two completely different things but they are linked in that the gender someone is raised into will depend on the sex they’re born with (or if they’re intersex, it depends on whether their genitals are mutilated to more closely resemble male or female genitals, and which of the two social roles they’re socialised into)
  • gender is a system created by heteropatriarchal capitalism to exaggerate sex differences and create a class of people (women) to be exploited by men.
  • gender harms us all, notably females and intersex people.
  • the solution to patriarchy is not to expand the number of different genders so there can theoretically be as many genders as there are people. the whole purpose of gender is to simplistically categorise people and thus abolishing it would be beneficial, we could forge our own identities independent of preconceived notions of who we should be based on our bodies, and have more important things at the forefront of our identities, like what we believe, who we love, and how we act.
  • you can’t fix the system of gender by changing it. no matter what, creating these arbitrary categories will always cause problems and if we ever want to achieve female liberation, gender has to go.

Ezra's Interlude (feat. Ezra Koenig) - Chromeo
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Ezra’s Interlude (feat. Ezra Koenig) - Chromeo

I HAVE to win this trip to Rock In Rio Lisboa pls pray for me and tell me everything you do when you need luck

She wants the ☭


will the last shadow puppets ever make a new record or will alex n miles just continue to wear matching clothes in public


Alex Turner and Miles Kane matching outfits 2k14